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served with homemade pita bread, pickles & small salads

Hummus Original Topped with whole chickpeas, fresh herbs & olive oil 8.5
Hummus Cauliflower Topped with fried cauliflower florets, garlic and parsley mix  10.5
Hummus Falafel Topped with 3 crunchy falafel balls, fresh herbs & olive oil  10.5
Hummus Roasted Veggies Topped with roasted root vegetables mix 11
Hummus Chicken Topped with Jerusalem-seasoned chicken thighs, fresh herbs & olive oil 13
Hummus siniya Topped with chopped meat, pine nuts & tahini 13
Extra boiled egg 1.7


Served with homemade pita bread, pickles & small salad

Shakshuka Original 2 eggs cooked in a mild spicy tomato & fresh herbs sauce. served with home-made pita bread, pickles & small salads 11
Shakshuka Special with fresh spinach & goat milk feta cheese 12.9

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