d&a Jordaan

Westerstraat 136
020 34 16 487

open daily from 12:00-21:30/22:00

d&a Oost

Oostenburgergracht 185
020 73 71 676

open daily from 12:00-21:00

d&a Zuid

Maasstraat 72
020 778 40 49

open daily from 11:00-21:00


served with homemade pita bread, pickles & small salads

Hummus Original Topped with whole chickpeas, fresh herbs & olive oil 8.5
Hummus Cauliflower Topped with fried cauliflower florets, garlic and parsley mix  10.5
Hummus Falafel Topped with 3 crunchy falafel balls, fresh herbs & olive oil  10.5
Hummus Roasted Veggies Topped with roasted root vegetables mix 11
Hummus Chicken Topped with Jerusalem-seasoned chicken thighs, fresh herbs & olive oil 12
Hummus siniya Topped with chopped meat, pine nuts & tahini 13
Extra boiled egg 1.7


Served with homemade pita bread, pickles & small salad

Shakshuka Original 2 eggs cooked in a mild spicy tomato & fresh herbs sauce. served with home-made pita bread, pickles & small salads 11
Shakshuka Special with fresh spinach & goat milk feta cheese 12.9


In between

Trio 3 Mediterranean dishes accompanied by fresh pita bread 12.5
d&a salad tomatoes, cucumber, onions & fresh parsley, topped with warm chickpeas & tahini 9.9
Roasted Eggplant with tahini, pine-nuts & pomegranate seeds 9.5
Falafel Served with tahini & love 7
Pita basket / Pita chips 2.8/3.2

A bit of This & A bit of That

A selection of small dishes when you don’t know what to choose. Min 2 persons. 19.9p.p


Hot dishes that warm the heart

Kababonim Lamb & Beef kebabs served with roasted root veggies and lots of tahini  18.5
Chraimeh Cod fish fillet cooked in a mild- spicy tomato sauce. served with a fresh pita  17.9
Siniya Chopped Lamb & Beef on roasted tomato, sliced eggplant and crispy pita zaátar. Topped with loads of tahini & pickles red onions  17.9
Couscous with veggies mix / with sea bream fillet, tomato sauce & chickpeas 14.9/16.9

hummus bistro d&a

d&a hummus bistro, Westerstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

hummus bistro d&a

d&a hummus bistro, Oostenburgergracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands

d&a hummus bistro is open daily from 12:00



Westerstraat 136
020 34 16 487
KVK 61985872


Oostenburgergracht 185
020 73 71 676


Maasstraat 72
020 77 84 049
KVK 81098766


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